Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Want to see how these jerk baby back ribs were made?

We did videos with foodrepublic for their big BBQ story, ‘How Barbecue Has Become New York City’s Most Addictive Smoking Habit’.

Check out the article, videos and great illustrations here:

Want to see how these jerk baby back ribs were made?

We did videos with foodrepublic for their big BBQ story, ‘How Barbecue Has Become New York City’s Most Addictive Smoking Habit’.

Check out the article, videos and great illustrations here:

Thursday, July 17, 2014
Want to see a ‪#‎tbt‬? The full series of anthonybourdain's A Cook's Tour is available on hulu
Start watching it right now »

Want to see a ‪#‎tbt‬? The full series of anthonybourdain's A Cook's Tour is available on hulu

Start watching it right now »

Monday, July 14, 2014
ICYMI: Watch the CNN Original Series premiere of ‘The Hunt’ with John Walsh here »

ICYMI: Watch the CNN Original Series premiere of ‘The Hunt’ with John Walsh here »


Friday, July 11, 2014

Zero People Zero: Ephraim Kirkwood

Hey guys, we’re back with Zero People Zero!


This is Ephraim Kirkwood, an Assistant Editor at ZPZ. Find out what inspires him to edit, why his beard is always on point, and how he became a local celebrity in Tampa, FL (kind of)…

NAME: Ephraim Kirkwood 

OCCUPATION: Assistant Editor



TWITTER: @funkydumbfresh

INSTAGRAM: @funkydumbfresh


ZPZ: Share a little story about yourself…

EK: While I was interning in Tampa, Florida, I got pushed into being in a 30 second commercial spot for a free lawyer referral service. It aired throughout the city for a while and people would recognize me on the street. 

Ask Kobe Spot from Ephraim Kirkwood on Vimeo.

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m very much a behind-the-scenes type of guy, so the whole thing was terrifying for me. Of course, when I look back on it, it’s funny. Who says unpaid internships can’t also be glamorous?

ZPZ: How did you enter the ZPZ family? What does your job entail?

EK: At the end of my senior year of college, I was looking for internships in New York and came across ZPZ. I had my interview over Skype and it went pretty well! They asked me what my favorite TV show was and I said, “16 and Pregnant” because I thought it’d be hilarious. They seemed to agree. Next thing you know, I graduated, sold my car, and bought a one-way ticket to New York.

These days, I work as an Assistant Editor, mostly for Parts Unknown. I basically work closely with the Editor and Producer of the show and make sure all the raw footage that has been brought into the edit is organized and accounted for. Depending on the editor, I’ll also edit acts and scenes for an episode myself.

ZPZ: What got you into editing? Do you find it rewarding? What inspires you?

EK: I got into production at an early age.


[Just had to put in a throwback…]

I was constantly shooting and editing my own projects in high school that by the time I was fifteen I knew this is what I wanted to do.


What’s rewarding about editing is that you have a visual, tangible representation for all your hard work that other people can enjoy! There is also a lot responsibility in terms of the shows we do at ZPZ: To be as true to the events as possible while being entertaining. Working with everyone to strike that balance is rewarding in and of itself. (Well said!)

As corny as it is, I get inspired by seeing what some of my co-workers come up with for the shows they work on. Working here, you surround yourself with talented/awarding winning Editors, Producers, and Graphic Artist and if you’re smart, you take advantage of that and soak up as much as you can.

ZPZ: We always see you with your headphones on. What are you listening to?

 EK: Actually these headphones are ZPZ’s, I’ve just commandeered them for quite some time. I figure it can’t be stealing if I’m here almost every day. But I digress…

[Drake made the list twice!]

ZPZ: What’s your favorite sport? Do you have a favorite athlete? Talk about a your most memorable experience.

EK: I played all types of sports growing up, but the sport I follow the closest would be Boxing. Oscar De La Hoya (btw, he sings, if you didn’t know) was my favorite as a kid, but as far as active fighters I’d go with Money Mayweather.


My favorite sports experience would probably be meeting Mike Tyson in Brooklyn. I know he has a softer public image these days but he looks like he can still whoop some ass, so don’t try him!

ZPZ: We always see you with a hat on (most of the time), how many do you own? How many are in your rotation right now?


EK: I don’t have much of a collection. Most days you can catch me looking wavy in a black Yankee snapback. A black or blue Yankee fitted is a staple must!


I enjoy rocking a Kangol every now and then, but I kinda stopped because I got tired of strangers telling me I look like the rapper, Common.

ZPZ: Your beard is always on point. What’s your daily routine of grooming? Any good tips and recommendations you can offer those who want your look (since most of the guys at ZPZ have facial hair)?


[So much beard at ZPZ]

EK: lol Thanks for noticing. Anyone looking to step their beard game up should do like I do and head to Denny Moes. Once a week, I take the train from Bed-Stuy all the way to Harlem to see my barber, Sherlock. Besides getting a clean cut, you see some cool people pass through there like Doug E Fresh, Fat Man Scoop, and of course, yours truly

Recently the barbershop got a lot of press for being featured on an episode of ABC’s, ‘What Would You Do?’

It’s nice to know you can contribute money to a business that’s doing its part to end socialized/systematic racism and still get an amazing haircut.

ZPZ: List your 5 favorite TV shows in the 90’s in the order where they are closest to your heart (lol).

EK: I watched a ridiculous amount of TV as a kid so this is tough. I would say:

- Family Matters

- Fresh Prince

- X-men (The Animated Series)

- Mighty Morphing Power Rangers

- All That

That’s a very respectable 80’s baby/90’s kid TV show list…

[All right, guys, the show’s over. Ephraim has a deadline!]


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Zero People Zero: Adam Lupsha

Welcome back to another Zero People Zero!


Next up, we have the Head of Design at ZPZ, Adam Lupsha. Get to know his passion for graphics, his punk rock days in SF, and say hello to his little friend, Winston!

Name: Adam Lupsha

OCCUPATION: Head of ZPZ Design Department



TWITTER: @adamlupsha



ZPZ: Tell us a little story about yourself?

AL: When I was 6 or 7, I saw Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Ghostbusters and the other greats of my childhood. I asked my Mom how they made everything: The spaceships, the characters, the fire, and the ghosts.

She told me “special effects”.

I didn’t know what that was or how it worked, but I knew there was a magical way to tell any kind of story you wanted to and I stuck to it. I fell in love with photography, computers, editing, sound, cinematography and compositing. Yep, I have actually always been into this kind of work and never had any other types of interests. Get ready for an exciting hobby section in this bio…

ZPZ: How did you start out at ZPZ, and what do you do now?

AL: I was a transcriber, then a PA, then I ran the equipment department. I noticed that we had stories and projects coming up that could benefit from Visual Effects and some Motion Design work. So I started working after hours, on my little 12” G4. Eventually I ended up doing it full time. ZPZ expanded and I started hiring talented artists to work on all the new shows and projects.


[The GFX Team]

These days, I oversee the execution of all of our Design and VFX work. It mostly entails taking our new shows, figuring out the look and feel with the EPs and DPs, then creating a look and design language to fit the show.

My favorite thing about this job is the occasional travel and the constant company of my staff. Really a talented and fun group of artists.

[ Check out this video…]

ZPZ: Where did you grow up? How did you end up in New York? 

AL: I grew up all over. The Midwest, Hawaii, Atlanta, San Francisco and finally NYC. I was mostly into photography and punk rock (wait for his throwback photo ;) )

ZPZ: Tell us about your dog? What are some tricks he can do?


AL: My dog is a French Bulldog named Winston. His best trick is that if you feed him, he starts smelling like farts.


I squeeze him and hug him a lot, but he’s like me: He doesn’t like being smothered. He also kinda has this growl/squeal that is like a Jurassic Park Raptor situation.


[Glad to meet you too, pup]

ZPZ: What are your hobbies outside of work?

AL: Animation and Film was my hobby until I started getting paid to do it. My wife wants me to find a hobby because I usually spend my weekends waiting to come back to work. I guess as long as my hobby has nothing to do with computers, that’ll do.

I used to do a bunch of stand up and piano bar singing in my college days, but those youthful exploits are behind me.

hmmm… I do have a good collection of guitars, but I’m pretty rusty. It would be fun to start garage psychobilly band if anyone is down. Anyone? Guys? Where are you going? Okay, fine: we’ll start a trip-hop-grunge-new-wave-proto-shakira band…


Maybe Jamie and Adam should start the band

Zero Punk Zero…

ZPZ: #TBT: Show us your favorite throwback photo.

AL: Here I am with some of San Francisco’s last gutter punks, circa 2000. They would hang out at the pier and if tourists took pictures of them, they’d strong-arm them out of a few bucks. I hung around them for several months, taking pictures and going to hardcore shows with them. It was a hell of a time.


[He’s the one in the middle, with the D.A.R.E shirt]

ZPZ: What’s your favorite place to travel?

AL: I don’t have a favorite, but I often end up on shoots in the southwest. Tucson, Santa Fe, and Palm Springs are beautiful.

ZPZ: Recommend 5 top places to eat and drink near work (without giving up the whereabouts of ZPZ’s hidden gem).

AL: This is hard because Midtown is largely a vortex of sad-ass, eat-at-your-desk suit food, and hotel-restaurant-cheap-euro-tourist-diarrhea-fuel. Working with Tony has surely ruined me for harsh critique. But, a lot of us have found a few culinary gems, existing on the fringes, that we love…

- Mad For Chicken

- Sakagura

- New York Bakery (you thought we’d give this away?)

- Sub#7

- Num Pang


Tuesday, July 1, 2014
#TeamZPZ workin pretty hard right now…. Let’s go #TeamUSA! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

#TeamZPZ workin pretty hard right now…. Let’s go #TeamUSA! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Monday, June 30, 2014
 For fugitives on the run, time is running out…The CNN Original Series, The Hunt with John Walsh, premieres July 13th at 9PM ET/PT 

For fugitives on the run, time is running out…

The CNN Original Series, The Hunt with John Walsh, premieres July 13th at 9PM ET/PT


Friday, June 27, 2014

Zero People Zero: Field Humphrey

We’re back with another Zero People Zero!


Meet ZPZ’s Post Production Assistant, Field Humphrey. A workout-aholic, the Southern gentleman gives us a little insight about his job, the best pair of Nikes (ever), and recommends his top BBQ spots…

ZPZ: Tell us a little about yourself.

FH: I am a sports fanatic. Whether it’s college football, any level of basketball, soccer, or lacrosse (« this is Field), I can’t get enough.  Also, I am obsessed with food and cooking, so it’s awesome I landed at ZPZ.  I played club lacrosse at Ole Miss and was also in an indie band called Mouse Will Roar - I’m still embarrassed by the name. Our myspace is still up, so check us out!!

ZPZ: What do you do at ZPZ? What are your daily tasks? Tell us a little bit about the job.

FH: I would say that I am an invaluable commodity to ZPZ. I do a whole lot of stuff for the company.  Like really, really important stuff.  I’m important dag nabbit!!!!! In all seriousness, once footage comes in from the field, I organize it and put it in our editing software so the Editors and Assistant Editors can work their magic. I get to do a lot of trouble-shooting as well which, as a nerd, I really enjoy. There is a team of us that does this, if you ask them, they would say the best part of the job is getting to listen to all the Dad Jokes I make. 

ZPZ: What are some things you like to do outside of work?

FH: I mainly play basketball (ask him about his jumper), but recently I’ve started playing soccer (Brooklyn Ballers 4 Life), riding bikes, and have started to become a bit of a gym rat. This all means nothing because my 52 y/o father is about to run a marathon (see pic below). I will earn your respect, Dad!!!! image

ZPZ: Ok, that brings us to our next question: Your shoes…The Nike Air Monarchs. What compelled you to get them?

FH: These shoes are a true testament to how frugal I can be. At the time I bought these bad boys, I was living in Memphis. One day I was in a sporting goods store, walking down the shoes aisle when time seemed to just stop. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw a price tag that said $40 and the blinding, cleansing whiteness of the “Air Grandads.” It was a match made in heaven.  Like when Harry Potter has that whole discussion about the wand choosing him or whatever.  They just found me. Also, as a side note, ZPZ social media manager Danny Carnaje loves the Air Monarchs and is jealous of me for having a pair.


[super clean]

ZPZ: #TBT: Show us your best throwback photo. 


FH: Not sure how old I am exactly, but younger than 6. This is picture is significant because it shows my love for sports and all-white sneakers started at a very young age. The South was an amazing place to grow up.   I had the pleasure of living in Texas, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee before moving up to New York. The food, people, culture, and absence of winters that are dangerous to small children and the elderly, are what really stick out.  

ZPZ: Name your 5 favorite BBQ spots of all time. If you don’t have the names of the restaurants, describe the location (like your gas station spot). What makes them so good? 

FH: In no particular order:

-B’s BBQ (Oxford, MS) The original in the gas station. They had the two things that make a BBQ joint great: an isolated location and lots of time on their hands. Their chicken made me cry one time.

-Handy Andy’s (Oxford, MS) My favorite pulled pork, and they have tater tots.

-Home Team BBQ (Charleston, SC) They have a brisket sandwich and it helped me discover what life meant.

-Swallow at the Hollow (Roswell, GA) A nod to my hometown. Every time I went, I left uncomfortably full.

-The Strand Smokehouse (New York, New York) I’ll throw New York a bone just because I live here now. Any place that has pastrami duck and barrel whiskey is alright with me.  

Ladies and gentlemen, Mouse Will Roar…


Tuesday, June 24, 2014
city.ballet makes Vulture's 10 Best TV Shows You (Probably) Didn't Watch This Season.Check it out here »

city.ballet makes Vulture's 10 Best TV Shows You (Probably) Didn't Watch This Season.

Check it out here »

Friday, June 20, 2014

Zero People Zero: Shannon Sun-Higginson

Meet Shannon Sun-Higginson, one of our Associate Producers at ZPZ. 


On this installment of #ZeroPeopleZero, Shannon tells us why she enjoys gin & tonics all year-round, spills the beans on her first celebrity crush, and gives us a tutorial on how to do a Jabba the Hutt impersonation. 

NAME: Shannon Sun-Higginson

OCCUPATION: Associate Producer



TWITTER: @GTFOthemovie (I also have a personal Twitter account that I never use)

INSTAGRAM: I’m still not clear on what this is.

TUMBLR: I don’t have one, but this is one of my favorites: 



ZPZ: Tell us something about yourself that people wouldn’t know.

SS-H: I’ve been really into country music recently. I only ever listen to it on the radio (NASH FM baby) and Songza, so I still don’t know most of the names of artists or songs. My favorites songs are the ones about beer and pickup trucks; I find them to be terribly romantic.

ZPZ: What is your beverage of choice? How do you take it?

SS-H: Now that it’s summer I’m all about the gin and tonics. Actually who are we kidding, I’ll drink those suckers all year round. That can get boring though, so I like to spruce it up with some St. Germaine, cukes, or muddled basil.

[Technically it still has gin in it]

ZPZ: So you live in Philadelphia and commute from time to time, I’m guessing you’re the Mega Bus/Grey Houndress: What are 3 tips you recommend when traveling to and from Philadelphia or places similar using the bus as transportation?


  1. Bring entertainment. Reading in the car makes me sick so I’ve gotten through all five GoT [«SPOILER] audiobooks on the bus. Which is the saddest or most impressive feat ever, depending on who you ask. People who just sit there and stare into space are bored weirdos.
  2. Try and snag a seat with a free space next to you. I do this by getting there early and getting a window seat on the upper floor near the stairs.
  3. Be considerate. In general, you should only listen to music with your earphones and try to keep phone conversations to a minimum.  And eat normal bus food. I once had a guy sit next to me who ate a hard boiled egg and pickles, which are basically the stinkiest foods I can think of. I also saw a girl on a 6 am bus eating sushi. She caught me judging her from across the aisle while I was nomming my bagel.

ZPZ: Tell us a little bit about your project, GTFO. What is it about? What did you do?

SS-H: I’ve been working on my independent documentary GTFO since 2012 and it’s almost done, thank the lord. It’s about women in the video game industry and was funded by Kickstarter in 2013, which was a huge relief. We’re at the very tail end of editing and I think at this point my editors are about to murder me. I’m excited about where the film’s at right now though.

You can find out more at:

ZPZ: You do a really great Jabba face. Can you give everyone a tutorial on how to do it?

 SS-H: I’m not sure which of my friends originally invented Jabba Face, but it has been the source of endless hours of entertainment. I recommend sending one of these bad boys to your friends and/or lovers with no context whatsoever.

Jabba Face in GIFs

1. Open the Camera App


2. Get into selfie mode


3. Position the camera on your chest, pointing the camera toward your chin


4. Bring your chin toward your neck and snap a picture


5. Don’t be shy, show the world. 




ZPZ: Who was your 16-year-old celebrity crush?

SS-H: Um, Jake Gyllenhaal x1000000. And yes I had a poster, I believe it looked something like THIS. I started liking him after I watched Donnie Darko though … not sure what that says about me.

[Going on the video game theme…]

ZPZ: #TBT, what is the best throwback picture of yourself? What’s happening?


SS-H:I used to travel a lot with my mom as a kid, and I believe this is in Thailand. This picture is from a period that she fondly refers to as “The Gollum Years.” It so perfectly sums me up – thick glasses, skinny as hell, just having demolished several plates of food, with a self-satisfied smirk plastered on my face. God I wish I still had that shirt. Boss indeed.


[Like a boss…]

Thursday, June 19, 2014
125 SxS cards are shipping out! Count ‘em, 125! Hours upon hours of footage from these guys. via @blurrywagon  (at Zero Point Zero Production Inc.)

125 SxS cards are shipping out! Count ‘em, 125! Hours upon hours of footage from these guys. via @blurrywagon (at Zero Point Zero Production Inc.)

125 SxS cards shipping out! 125!Hours upon hours of footage will be taken. via @blurrywagon  (at Zero Point Zero Production Inc.)

125 SxS cards shipping out! 125!Hours upon hours of footage will be taken. via @blurrywagon (at Zero Point Zero Production Inc.)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014 Friday, June 13, 2014

Zero People Zero: Chris Faulkner

Meet the Director of Technology and Post Operations of Zero Point Zero, Chris Faulkner.


Always a great follow for #TBTs, find out the many odd jobs he’s held over the years, the neat tricks his dogs can do (like making thumbs disappear), and why he takes his eggnog straight (hold the nutmeg, please).


TWITTER: @zulupapzulu

INSTAGRAM: @blurrywagon

TUMBLR: Never shall I tumblr

WEBSITE: What’s a website?


ZPZ: Tell us a little bit about yourself?

CF: I’ve held a variety of jobs, especially during college. I’ve been a bouncer, hot dog vendor, fast food lackey, funeral home night shift worker, assistant editor, pizza cook, dishwasher, paperboy, poetry library maven, and feature film sound engineer.

ZPZ: What was your favorite fishing/hunting trip?


CF: I’m not especially talented at either hunting or fishing but I do find the lack of cell signal lends a certain calmness to an otherwise unavoidably connected life.

ZPZ: Just witnessed you giving BBRO some cheese (Thanks for sharing)… What are your favorite cheeses?

CF: My wife is the cheese fan, but if I had to pick one food to survive upon it would be hard to beat a good chevre. The goat-ier, the better.

ZPZ: Do you have pets? What are their names and what is their best trick?

CF: I have a dachshund named Guthrie and an English Pointer named Scout. Guthrie can stand and walk on his hind legs and Scout can take off a man’s thumb [CAUTION: If you are squeamish, DO NOT CLICK THAT LINK, like really, don’t], or nearly so. 


ZPZ: All right, we all know what you looked like with lots of hair, now we want to see the chronology of it. Can you pick a few photos over the years that show the diversity of haircuts/hairstyles you’ve had?

CF: I have no ridiculous hair stories. I did go to a military high school and had to live with a marine corps high-and-tight for a few years.




ZPZ: Let’s say you were on a cross-country road trip, and your car’s cassette player (we went there) was broken and would only play, rewind, and repeat the same song for the duration of the ride, what would it be?

CF: You betray your youth with this question. A tape player would have no way to know when a song ends. Assuming I cannot eject the cassette, I’d go with side one Meat Puppets II. It’s the pinnacle of country jangle and punk messiness, which is necessary for any cross-country jaunt.


ZPZ: Growing up, what’s one food you’ve eaten that you’ll never be able to eat again ?

CF: Nutmeg, hands down. I ate an entire container of nutmeg in an attempt to find my animal familiar. 48 hours later and after a trip to the emergency room, it turned out that my animal familiar was a sponge. Pretty terrifying, but I have reaped the benefit of a good story and have actually heard a doctor say, “You’ve ingested a potentially lethal amount of nutmeg.” I take my egg nog straight, thank you very much.

ZPZ: What is your favorite place on earth?

CF: I’m flexible, though Puerto Rico is pretty nice. I have a soft spot for the desert southwest, but I fear the water shortage augers to be fatal. Texas is grand, but I can’t hack the attitude and politics. Maybe it’s NYC, after all.





Friday, June 6, 2014

Zero People Zero: Danny Carnaje

Welcome to another installment of Zero People Zero! Next, meet the Social Media Community Manager of zpzproduction/ mindofachef/ foodrepublic, Danny Carnaje.


Learn about his love for shoes, how he’d beat Shaq in a game of HORSE, and why his music is currently in #tbt, forever.


TWITTER: @dannycarnaje 

INSTAGRAM: @dannycarnaje

TUMBLR:, (Watch out for my Wholesale Fashion Blog!)

 WEBSITE: Yeah, right. 


ZPZ: Tell us a little about yourself. Tell us something embarrassing.

DC:  I was born and raised in the LBC (so much drama, not really though). My mom named me after that Elton John song “Daniel”. I like to shoot hoops, ogle at denim, peruse through sneaker forums, and drink copious amounts of coffee. Something embarrassing? I like Drake, like a lot. But I’ll save that for later… 

ZPZ: At what age did your shoe fetish begin? How many pairs of shoes do you own and which is your absolute favorite pair?

DC: I think it was 1996, the year the Fila Grant Hill GH2s came out. Growing up in a modest household (XOXO Mom and Dad!), Jordan sneakers were out of the question. The Filas will always have a special place in my heart (ha!).

Right now, I have about 12-14 pairs of sneakers (not too bad), and some really worn boots. Most of them are for basketball, but my favorite pair (my precious, baby, love of my life)  are my 2012 Nike Free Inneva Woven NRGs. Black, hand-woven, with a grey speckled midsole, it’s everything I wanted in a shoe. One day I will own a pair of Air Jordan 11 Space Jams and it’d be like having to split my love between my first and second born.


ZPZ: What are the top 3 articles of clothing you and your girlfriend share?

DC: Shout out to my girlfriend for having the best boy-friendly closet! But seriously, vote on who wore it best!


[marc by marcjacobs short-sleeve polka dot button-up]


[Looney Tunes x Chicago Bulls Vintage T]


[TNA (shout out aritzia!) Black Bomber Jacket]

ZPZ: Many ZPZers had killer hairstyles growing up (sorry Jamie). What was your most outrageous hairstyle and what’s the story behind it?


DC: Yes, I played cello, and yes, I thought I was good, and no, this is not photoshopped!

I always wanted to have straight hair growing up, so I did everything in my power to contain it, and then it just clicked; I didn’t care anymore. I feel bad for the cellists and violists behind me because they’ve probably never seen anything except tons and tons of hair. 

ZPZ: What was your favorite Super Nintendo game growing up?

DC: Psh, Sega Genesis > Super Nintendo (going to get heat for this). My favorite game growing up? Streets of Rage 2, duh. 

ZPZ: If you could play HORSE with any NBA player — living or dead — who would it be and who would win?

DC: If I wanted to win, I would play Shaq (Lakers, baby!) and just shoot free throws all day. Now, if I wanted to keep it close (but let’s be real, I’d lose), I’d choose Hakeem Olajuwon or Magic because they’re my favorites of all time!

ZPZ: What’s on your ZPZ Beer Friday playlist?

 DC: These songs have been on my iPod since the 1st Gen iPod (with the buttons). These need no explanation.

1: R. Kelly - Ignition (Remix (duh)).

2: TLC No - Scrubs

3: Aaliyah - Are You That Somebody

4: Ghost Town DJs - My Boo

5: Nelly - Country Grammar 

…but to be honest, it’s this right now:

1: Drake

2: Drake

3: Drake

4: Drake

5: Drake